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The jackpot is mine

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In the rookie experience enter the store?

” From… ‘ is a useful word.

However, the reality is much scribbled in a dull routine is not thing I stumbled across.

Especially like my daily routine work and become a perfect to start in said is roughly the same.

Need to go to apologize suppliers in the mistake of ordering if there are incidents, or failed subordinates written written apology, or click here to apologize on-and in reality such a situation even more accustomed.

But does not come, it’s had to develop ‘from’ funny things quite the instant decision credit cards.

From divorced woman was no bother.

And, naturally, downriver to the customs.

This is a matter of course.

Especially I love to play with young and naughty japanese girls who enjoy!

So always 4. 5 special mail membership and the newcomer to come in and I asked first and foremost.

Incident happened three months ago.

The incident isn’t enough though.

, As always ‘ entered the newcomer experience shop daughter! “With e-mail came from the store manager, when you see no spec to complain about.

Only looks after but I’m here again luck leave it to-and

Even has thought me featured familiar with store manager said, he would not mine… be continued.

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